Crude Oil & Refined Products

ICAP’s Crude Oil & Refined Products desks are market leaders in Asia, Europe and the US. We span the entire petroleum spectrum: Brent, Brent Options, BFO, Urals, Fuel Oil, Fuel Oil Options, Gasoil, Gasoil Options, Gasoline, Gasoline Options, Jet Fuel, Jet Fuel Options, Jet Kerosene, Naptha, Heating Oil, Heating Oil Options, Residuals, ULSD, ULSD Options, WTI and WTI Options.

Our Crude Oil & Refined Products desks combine strong financial brokerage experience with focused knowledge and insight in petroleum exploration, procurement, production, refining, storage, transportation and marketing. Our industry expertise means we can source, market and facilitate transactions of standard and non-standardised specifications and deliveries for our customers.

ICAP’s US Crude Oil & Refined Products desks provide daily pricing sheets, making us industry leaders in unbiased marked-to-market price perspectives. We understand industry information and our transparency eliminates the guesswork in price discovery for each product brokered, providing you with a powerful advantage in the market.

Residual Fuels

Since founding 20 years ago, this division has been a leader in the physical brokering of residual fuels. Our established customer base of electric utilities, major oil trading houses and investment bankers gives United unparalleled insight into the fundamental price, demand and supply changes of the Residual fuels market. Whether facilitating the delivery of a 300,000 barrel international or domestic cargo to an Electric utility customer, or structuring a sale or exchange of domestic cargoes or barges between traders or oil industry majors, our experience, reputation and professionalism is evident.

The Residual fuels division is an innovative leader, bringing new brokerage risk management tools to the industry. We were instrumental in initiating a "paper market" by introducing a standardized residual fuels contract to the market and then helping to establish the liquidity, which is now evident in a strong financially settled market. This paper market covers all aspects of residual fuels trading, allowing flexibility to hedge all important sulfur specifications over short and long term calendar strips. When combined with the strength of our crude oil derivatives division, our residual desk offers the market a powerful tool for cross product spreads, options and hedging opportunities.

Greg Holtgrave +1 502 572 3009
Greg Holtgrave +1 502 572 3009