ICAP Energy is the world’s leading institutional broker for energy derivatives providing specialist intermediary execution and pricing services for a wide range of both plain vanilla and exotic electricity and natural gas derivatives. We have been helping firms trade, hedge and understand the US Electricity Derivatives Market since 1997. We dominate the electricity derivatives market with more than an 80 per cent market share for NYMEX ClearPort cleared electricity options throughout all of 2006.

Our Electricity desks combine strong financial brokerage experience with focused knowledge and insight in power procurement, generation, transmission and marketing. Our industry expertise means we can source, market and facilitate transactions of standard and non-standardised specifications and deliveries for our customers.

ICAP’s US Electricity desks provide daily pricing sheets, making us industry leaders in unbiased marked-to-market price perspectives. We understand industry information and our transparency eliminates the guesswork in price discovery for each product brokered, providing you with a powerful advantage in the market.

PJM, Northeast, Mid-Continent and ERCOT
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