Alternative Fuels

Alternative Fuels

ICAP’s Alternative Fuels team is located in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. The team brings over 75 years of combined energy and agricultural experience. We offer brokerage services in the Biofuels, Fertilizer and NGL markets.

The ICAP Alternative Fuels desk offers a centralized liquid marketplace for the purchase of the full range of renewable fuel OTC products. We have a committed team to delivering efficient, discreet and competitive brokerage services in physical, financial and renewable identification numbers (RINS) markets. We provide market coverage to major energy companies, fuel ethanol producers and marketing companies, agricultural companies, investment and commercial banks, hedge funds, and other trading companies. Our desk provides pricing sheet, market research and analysis, making us industry leaders in the unbiased market-to-market price perspectives. We understand the industry information and our transparency eliminates the guesswork in price discovery for each product, providing our customers with a powerful advantage in the marketplace.

To find out more about ICAP’s Renewable Fuels team can help your business, please contact us at +1 (502) 327-1435.

  • CBOT Ethanol Futures

  • CBOT Ethanol Forward Month Swaps

  • NYMEX Chicago Ethanol (Platts) Swap Futures

  • CBOT Options on Ethanol Forward Month Swaps

  • NYMEX New York Ethanol (Platts) Swap Futures

  • Corn Crush

  • Corn Calendar Swaps (CCS)

  • Physical Barge and Paper Brokering of all major Fertilizer Components (Urea, Diammonium Phosphate, Monoammonium Phosphate, and Urea Ammonium Nitrate)

  • Natural Gas Liquids (NGL’s)

  • Renewable Identification Numbers (RIN’S), Ethanol and Biodiesel

  • Physical Ethanol (Argo, New York Harbor, Unit Trains, Railcars)

  • Ethanol Options

  • Physical Biodiesel (Import/Export, Domestic)

Alternative Fuels/NGL's
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