Natural Gas

Natural Gas

European Natural gas

The European Gas markets are undergoing radical restructuring as extraction from the North Sea declines, dependence on gas from Eastern Europe and LNG sources grows and wholesale markets are opened up.

Our European Natural Gas desk entered the market in 2003. They have built a solid base in these rapidly emerging markets.

They are a leading broker in the liquid Dutch TTF market. Were the first broking team to arrange contracts in the French PEG market.

ICAP has been at the forefront in promoting the German BEB and EGT hubs where liquidity is growing fast.

United Kingdom Natural gas

Our UK Natural Gas desk was set up in 1999. It is a leading broker in the liquid NBP market and Zeebrugge.

Customer’s trade can either trade on ICAP’s acclaimed electronic trading platform or direct with our experienced broking team. OTC physical contracts, storage capacity, financial swaps and options are all available. Time periods range from same day delivery to Calendar years eight years out.

The team has consistently been voted number one broker in the annual Energy Risk Commodity Surveys.

European Natural Gas
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